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What type of data do we collect from you?
We collect your registration data e.g. names, your age, country and city you are from or your email address as well. We also collect your user´s information such as usernames and passwords. In order to avoid unwanted spams or in case of any problems through our tool “Messages“, we have access to this tool too meaning we store your messages. Another type of data we collect is uploading data, used during your uploading of products on Sigred. We collect e.g. videos of your products. We collect data of your searched items too. If you choose to have the profile photo on your account, these photos can be stored as well. If you want to Top up credit, you have to connect your Sigred account with your either debit or credit card or Paypal. This enables us to provide you services including “Top up credit“, “Withdraw“ cash from your Sigred account. The information of credit and debit cards are being stored within the service of our partner Paypal.
What do we do with the data we collect?
The data we collect enables us to provide you our best services, move us forward and improve our services, and show you tailored content. The important thing here is to notice that we DO NOT share your personal data with the third-parties. We can do it only in extraordinary cases e.g. when you do not ship an item to the buyer and you do not respond to buyer´s messages. In this case we have an obligation to provide closer information about you including - e-mail, full name. We collect your email addresses for verifying your password, if you forget it, as well as sending notifications necessary for using Sigred, e.g. Topping up the credit, Withdrawing money from your account and sending upcoming updates. The additional information e.g. Full Name and age, country, city, where you live serve as a verification of your credibility for the buyers. The next reason for collecting your data is to make marketing analysis to improve our services.
How can you change your personal data?
You can change your personal information e.g. age, address, your profile photo any time you want in “Settings of personal data“ after clicking the Settings of personal data.
We are pleased to welcome you on Sigred! Now you can use our services, however before you do so, please read our Terms of Use agreement. This agreement is about your rights, as customers of our sites, as well as relating provisions you have to accept in order to use our sites. So please, read this agreement carefully. We may change or modify some Terms due to new changes in the market, new laws, new payment methods etc. Because of this we recommend you to check the latest updates of Terms of Use in order not to miss new Terms. Not every policy is included here, for more information see also “Privacy Policy“, “Cookies Policy“.